Regal Miss Rules

Hair and Makeup Rules

  1.  Extensions may be used, but no other hair pieces (no falls, wiglets, ect.), hair should look soft and pretty, no big, stiff pageant hair. 
2.  These rules are to be followed, but remember, NO AGE MUST WEAR MAKEUP.  Makeup is not a requirement to win.  ANY AGE contestant may
     choose to wear no makeup at all.
        a.  Teeny Baby (0-11 mo), Baby Miss (12-23 mo) and Wee Miss (2-3 yrs) – NO MAKEUP and contestants will be checked in group lineup.
        b.  Mini Miss (4-5 yrs) are allowed light face powder, light blush, light mascara and lip gloss, ONLY. No foundation, no eye shadow, no eye
             liner, no lip liner and no colored lip stick.
        c.  All other ages 6 and up are allowed LIGHT, age appropriate makeup. Make up should look natural and enhance the contestants natural
3.  False eye lashes are allowed on Junior Miss, Senior Miss and Ms contestants, ONLY!!
4.  No flippers allowed!!
5.  Light, natural tanning is allowed, but definitely not needed to win.

Modeling Rules

1.  Modeling – NO PRO-AM MODELING ROUTINES, however, modeling should be upbeat, peppy and fun. Teeny Baby (0-11mo) and Baby Miss
     (12-23 mo) will NOT be scored on modeling, but personality will weigh heavy. All other ages, 2 and up will be scored on modeling ability and
     personality for their age. It is acceptable for an adult to go on stage with any contestant up through age 3. Ages 4 & Up should be able to model
     without an adult on stage. If circumstances require an adult, contact me personally and we can discuss.
2.  Stage will be a back “T” (3 “X”’s on the back and 1 “X” on the runway) and contestants may turn on any of the X's they choose.
3.  There will be a post group line up in gown, casual wear and fitness wear.
4.  Groups will be called to line up. If contestant isn’t in lineup, ready to go when called individually, contestant will take an automatic 10 point 
     deduction off total score for that event.

    General Rules

    1.  If age is questioned, contestant must be prepared to show birth certificate for proof of age. 
    2.  Please do not ask who or how many is in your age division, as this information changes constantly.
    3.  No personal checks will be accepted at all! Cash only at the door! Sorry, no exceptions!!
    4.  Director will not combine age divisions for any reason.
    5.  All deposits are non-refundable unless pageant is cancelled by director. If for any reason the pageant should be cancelled, director will return all 
         deposits within 4 weeks of cancelling.
    6.  All national cash prizes are contingent on 65 full paying contestants. Less than 65 contestants and director reserves the right to prorate or 
         eliminate prize money, based on actual number of entries.
    7.  ½ of the cash prize will be paid the day of the pageant, following all crowning photos and contract signing. The remaining ½ of the cash prize will 
         be paid upon completing contract requirements and returning next year to crown your successor. Newly crowned queens will be required to 
         make a minimum of 3 documented appearances and 20 documented hours of community service.
    8.  We run a fair and honest pageant system. All contestants will compete on an equal basis. Our judges will be well qualified to judge your child. All j
         judges’ decisions are FINAL!
    9.  Score Sheets are available for pick up out at the end of crowning, judges are always available for questions and you may view the master score 
    10. Lineup will be determined by the order in which deposits are received and will be last out or their choice in line up.
    11. National Sibling/Daughter Discount: 1st child enters at full price and each additional child (Wee Miss and Older) will receive a $100 discount or 
         $50 discount for Teeny Baby/Baby Miss. Oldest child entering is automatically the first child full rate.
    12. National Referral Discount: Receive $25 off for each new contestant not on the Regal Miss mailing list that enters the pageant with your name 
         on the referred by line or refer 5 new contestants and enter for free.